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Queyras, emotion land

In the heart of the Alps of the south, the regional natural reserve of Queyras, which represents the highest valleys of Europe, by its mountains culminating has more than 3000 M of altitude. Queyras offers to spectators which observes it a panoply of landscapes, which knew thanks to the work of the men, cross the centuries enter mountain pastures and larches.
The 8 traditional villages of mountain offer the greatest field of ski touring of the Alps of the south, (200 km of tracks and routes), and 7 fields of Alpine skiing, (130 km of tracks), for a ski 100% nature with the c?ur of the drills of larches ! Kingdom of the excursion with the famous GR. 58 and nearly 600 km of paths cultural Trésors beacons, local arts and crafts, produced soil and user-friendliness are with go !!!

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